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@Gargron so we'll be breaking federation with OStatus in the future in light of the change to ActivityPub? Losing GNU Social kind of makes me sad. Or are they going that direction too?

@wxl They are going that direction too, in the long term.

@Gargron yay great! I guess that means that the W3C has most certainly deprecated the OStatus working group, eh?

@wxl the ostatus group hasn't been active for a while, so yes.

@Gargron yeah i haven't really been playing attention, just making assumptions given the fact that OStatus is so prevalent. On the other hand ActivityPub is relatively new.

Anyways, thanks for being forward thinking. Keep up the good work!

@Gargron @viciousviscosity

Should be:

"Dial M for Mastodon"

but you (Gargron) probably didn't want to be so blunt.

@Gargron any plan to make mastodon live a month like April again? I read all the article about Mastodon social I find on google news and the majority of them are from April. Maybe there's a correlation and you could make mastodon grow fast again just by having some media attention again, things like interviews, declarations... and maybe you could incite some journalists and celebrities here.
Just some ideas...
However thank you for the hard work!

@surveyor April wasn't something I made happen, it was something that just happened - a wave of new users transformed into media attention, interviews, and more new users. It's not under my control.