Idea for a better project landing page (rather than using this instance for that purpose)

@Gargron @TheKinrar @b_cavello what do you think aboot and "charge laod" on ? for helping new user to have the best instance ?

@Gargron @TheKinrar yes yes yes!
@hisham_hm was just mentioning this. And someone else was also talking about vanity domains being a way to help get people to spread (kinda like the recent explosion of TLDs)

@Gargron interesting idea, would require some active work curating instances tho

@Gargron that looks quite great

In the addition of stats like the ones on for preventint low-uptime instances

@Gargron when technical restrictions of that instance are also in the quiz, then yes. but there should be a skip button that defaults to mastodon cuz not everyone wants to go through 10 questions just to sign up.

@Gargron well but what if that instance is like for one specific thing and not as general as is?

@eggplant If the source list would be curated, it could be filtered by that information

@Gargron i mean yeah but whats the use of a 1:1 mastodon clone. instances are here to differ from the original one, aren't they?

@eggplant Hmmm no the point is not being somehow different visually or thematically, but to spread the load, mitigate against disasters (node goes down), ensure non-monopoly

@Gargron yeaa from i technical perspective i totally get why it would be good, i'm just afraid that users don't like it. or well it depends, can user still choose a instance on their own or do they HAVE to do the quiz/randomized instance?

@eggplant Well I just thought of a cool UX way of introducing people to the idea of federation. Sure there should be just a list view

@Gargron i mean it sounds fun and all but users are lazy so when people talk about mastodon they will just sign up to that instead of going thru a quiz

@Gargron that seems like a really easy way to cheese people off who might not agree with the suggestion it's giving them :s Would it not be better to just have a skippable page that outlines a few basic instances they can join?

@Gargron like i'm just thinking abt this as someone who like, really fucking hates when websites/apps try to predict/guess what I would like

@aurahack Alright alright the very first screen would have a "Just gimme a random one" button and a "Just show me the full list" one.

@Gargron what if instance admins could submit a "you may like this instance if..." blurb and the page could display a few semi-random ones (pre-filtered for language/location/OS) and a "re-roll" button

e.g. "are you into...
anime, programming, memes
moderation, discussion, politics
Toronto, urbanism"

@nev @Gargron This is a good idea. I didn't know other instances were a thing until I had already made a .social account and had things explained to me.

@Gargron Love this idea. Good way to spread user load, but remains lower-cognitive-load for potential users.

It would require some due diligence to make sure users don't get sent off to some un-cared-for server that vanishes in three months, though.

@datapup You might have missed but I said this'd be for a general landing page of the project

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