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@Gargron "And that," Said the 4chan loser, "Is why I joined up with the altright"

@Gargron and 4chan is the breeding ground of the alt right nazi movement, so yeah

@msk I didn't know that. Thought it was a green terminal thing.

@craigmaloney oh, nah the whole story structure of

>puzzling thing

is absolutely a 4chan thing

@msk oh great. Thanks for the heads up. I don't frequent that cesspool.

@craigmaloney not a problem :p like there's a whole subreddit called /r/greentext or something dedicated to this type of 4chan thing

@msk lovely. I like Reddit but they sure have a lot of shitty subreddits.

@craigmaloney yeah they do x_x i'm just glad they don't appear to auto-sub you to subreddits anymore, cause a lot of the bad stuff on reddit is on the most popular ones

@craigmaloney @msk and a lot of them are faked, either leading to a joke or to racism. Greentext is oftentimes a storytelling device meant to gradually turn teen males racist. Channers post fake "relatable" stories that subtly or not so subtly slip racism in that is meant to get internalized over time.

@abbenm @craigmaloney exactly, tons of the stuff that goes down on 4chan is part of their insidious recruiting tactics, borrowed from stormfront

@gargron i can't believe 4chan has rediscovered folk music

@Gargron there's a song on YouTube with those lyrics. The best one uses Sims in the film clip.

Reminds me of All You Zombies, a short story by Heinlein involving time travel where the main character is intersex. Through a series of events he ends up being both his own mother and father