The instance is under extremely heavy load, I don't do tracking so I don't know where exactly people are coming from but I know there's been a few high profile mentions of Mastodon in media/on Twitter. If this keeps up I will scale up further (I know all the arguments about this instance growing too big in the federation, but if the internet is already at your doorstep, should you go down or scale up? Scale up imo)

@Gargron I agree. A bad first impression and people will write Mastodon off. If they like it, they can always move to a different instance later.

@Gargron thanks for doing this. I think making the registration page a landing page redirecting new users to other servers semi-randomly would be a good idea, though.

@Gargron Yep, looks like you need to scale up first.

I wonder, is it possible to scale it sideways, in a cluster, by federating instances with each other that trust each other/run by the same people and share a username namespace?

If not — should it be?

@akr @Gargron i think something like this might be the way to go. some way to make switching between instances more seamless, and not require users to start over on a new account (with no guarantee that the instance they're taking all the trouble of moving to will last)

@Gargron maybe work on some migration feature or common/shared auth

@Gargron you should totally scale up and also set up patreon or something like that for all costs. This instance probably be biggest one anyway.

@Gargron Maybe you can provide links to other instances from the account creation page to help distribute load?

@Gargron It's @MrAntoineDaniel that spoke about Mastodonte ; he is a famous videast (2m+ on YouTube), i think it explains that. Some medias speaks about Mastodon, like @numerama

@Gargron the sign up page could more aggressively point out other instances perhaps?

@Gargron I've seen a lot of anxiety about the main instance becoming too large relative to other federated instances and I am considering moving. My question is can I migrate my whole account to a new instance with all my follows/followers and history in tact or do I have to start a new account fresh on a new instance?

@Anarchist586 @Gargron

Kinda. You can export/import your follows & blocks at and

There currently isn't a way to redirect your old account to your new one or whatever though:

so you'll have to do it the old fashioned way and announce your new account on the old one.

@Gargron Numerama, a very popular French tech news website, made an article about Mastodon.

@Gargron Can I move this account or do I have to roll a new character on another server?

@Gargron Yes do what is necessary to keep things ticking over in the short term. Thanks site/concept looks great. All the best.

@Gargron Keep going! We love this service and the more newbies we can get, the better. 😊

@Gargron Scaling up lets people use to get their feet wet before figuring out a smaller instance to move into

@Gargron Encourage federation at signup. Allow users to pick an one of several instances you control when they signup. Gives you sharding of load/users and federation out of the box.

@Gargron as long as it's financially sustainable for you, of course

@Gargron It seems it would be nice for the software to essentially have a message to the effect of "this instance is under high load—have you considered signing up with an instance from the following list?" on the sign-up page?

@Gargron Is there a guide on how to submit a node to join? and maybe these could be promoted on the signup page to consider.

@Gargron But regardless, this is pretty damn cool software, btw! 👍

@Gargron definitely scale up. Instances seem cool but idk how visible they are as a dude who just knows about this place as a twitter alt with better features.

@Gargron I actually plan to move instances eventually, but I've heard there's some bugs with displaying comment replies when dealing with other instances?

@gargron I’d be OK with paying for an account. Would make me feel safe w.r.t. long-term viability.

@Gargron I'm finally seeing some Mastodon mentions in my Dutch Twitter TL again.

@Gargron Check my convo with @Dwimepon. It turns out a famous French YT star @MrAntoineDaniel joined Mastodon. He brought along a few French friends ;-)

@Gargron totally agree! If there was a solid and user friendly way to migrate accounts to other instances in the federation this might be the time to write a blog post about it.
Personally my love of certain things makes me favor icosahedron. But this was the first site I saw mentioned and it's so far the lodestone. :)

@gargron You may put a banner directing people to other instances as or did in the past in a similar situation.
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