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i haven't updated the instance in 5 days apparently, the longest in a while

is anyone running latest master?

@bea i have not fixed the activitypub_ready? thing yet @unarist

@Gargron @unarist ok thank, good to know uh

i'll try and keep my eyes open but let me know when you do/want me to test?

@bea @unarist i don't have an idea how to fix that yet 😩

@bea @Gargron my friends who follows master seemed to disable activitypub_ready? method to avoid that issue.

@unarist @bea in hindsight adding the AP "self" link back in v1.3.0 before AP was ready was a mistake. It would've made such a simple indicator of AP-compatibility! Hindsight is 20/20

@Gargron @bea but if it was so, when should we add "self" link? at AP support is completely implemented? completely... 🤔


@unarist @bea Yeah it should've been added now, when AP "delivery" was finalized.

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