There are NO checkmark verifications on this instance or any other. People just put emoji in their display names for a joke

@Gargron if you can do à backup acount systeme. i want to move but i don't want to loose my acounte

Lezarius. We need to talk.
Enfin. Avant : t'étais sur mobile quand tu as rédigé ce tweet ?

@Richiesque Non j'ai possez mon cerveau (j'était en train de lire du code en même temps que j'écrivé pas la meilleur idée.

@Lezarius Ton cerveau est toujours posé alors. :x
Comment, en anglais, tu peux mettre un « à » ?
Comment peux-tu écrire dans le même toot le mot "account" de deux façon différentes (et mal écrites) ?
Comment « possez » peut se prononcer [pozé] ?

Des questions dont j'attends de réelles réponses de ta part. Ce n'est pas méchant, je suis réellement intrigué. :x

@Richiesque Je vais pas criée au validisme pour une fois. En gros j'ai des problème d'orthographe et de concentration.

Donc en effet c'est compliqué. surtout quand je suis en vocal + en ssh sur mon dedier à faire de la conf.

@Lezarius Tu as bien fait de ne pas crier au validisme puisque c'en était pas. Merci de m'avoir répondu. :)

@Gargron Although somewhat amusing, maybe that's actually problematic in the long run if users are easily fooled by it. I have no good suggestion at the moment for how to handle it though.

@Gargron I have been following you for a while, but this post did not show up in my Home list.

@Gargron Fucking hell, just looked at @usercount and saw what happened in the last day or so!

@abackstrom @Gargron No joke! My verification failed, now I have to carry a red cross instead of a green tickmark.

@Gargron it is working, since people seem to bothering you about it ^^

@Gargron tempted to recommend banning that emoji for now what with all the Twitter people showing up

@Gargron Maybe use container with an orchestrator like k8s ? You will scale very easely :)

@Gargron Makes sense. If you want to be "verified", run your own instance.

@Gargron but but but how can i trust you're telling the truth about this when you don't even have a checkmark beside your name?

@Gargron The obvious business opportunity here is to open a new instance and start charging people $500,000 for putting a checkmark next to their name (while not disallowing everyone else from putting it there themselves).

@Gargron Say it isn't so! Don't break my heart or dash the dreams of fame and fortune that brought me over from the hopeless wastelands of the Twitterverse to greener pastures!

@Gargron you can still adopt distributed verification any time you like.

@Gargron I'm telling people it means it signifies my active identity / home instance

@five @Gargron Finally good use for that bloody checkmark. Huzzah!

@Gargron Actually, a convention has cropped up on and elsewhere that the check mark indicates a person's active account if they have more than one (an old/historical account lying around, a backup account, or a test account would not have a check mark).

@Gargron Thank God. I was already rolling my eyes at the Twitter replacement doing the stupid two tier system of haves and have nots.

@Gargron This presumes that checkmark verification actually meant something unique on other sites as well.

@Wikisteff @Gargron I still think if you use an instance and have supported that instance either with funds or technical assistance, there should be some way for the admin to park you as a patron. That could be this network's version of a special marker. As for verification, maybe just some sort of keybase tie-in.
When I'm not so busy I'm going to help out around here in some way other than monetary. First I want to see if I can deploy an instance without asking @Gargron for help though.

@Gargron @Savagejen That's a really cool idea, Jen. Build the community you want to see in the world.

@Gargron how do we know you're for real if you don't have one?

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