update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

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@gargron neato!

send some folks over to, we're cool folks too :)

@Gargron I like being on because I have been here for a while but I am still debating switching to another instance because there are so many people here. It feels weird.

@inmysocks @Gargron what makes it feel like so many people for you and when did that happen here (as far as you can tell)?

@Gargron @inmysocks wait nevermind I just looked at the user count bot. Wow!

@inmysocks @Gargron but if you close registration on indefinitely, every account here gets major hipster points

@bcrypt @Gargron @inmysocks what's again? this is a predicted and well known federated site problem

@Gargron @inmysocks @bcrypt they should just toggle on and off semirandomly as a janky load balancer :D

@Gargron awesome! I'm setting up my instance now and was wondering about that. How about letting admins generate invite links to send people and keeping their servers invite-only?

@Gargron good move, i hope this node and many many others continue to flourish!

@Gargron Is there an easy way to find other federated nodes?

@eqdw List of other Mastodon implementations are here:

List of other fediverse / gnusocial nodes are here:

Also, heads up, a lot of people are switching to as their identity provider, because of potential discontent with's blocking of other instances it deems bad.

@johnhenry why Who/what is that? And also, signups have apparently been cancelled, already.

@eqdw Haha, yeah. Basically, drops federation with other instances, like, because of perceived social justice violations. While you can export the list of people you _follow_, it's harder to export the people who follow _you_, so the more you grow a social graph here, the more you open yourself up to censorship / stifling community policies.

@eqdw You can implement the "Mastodon" UI on top of any domain you want (see, so it'd be best to build your graph on something like to prevent being cut off from other networks later. I believe @puellavulnerata / @0xdeadbabe are working on an instance, so I'll probably join theirs or another ingroup members' whenever it's ready.

Definitely a huge drag on the process :(

@johnhenry I'm considering popping up my own instance tbh, but it would just be a repeat of slack so what's the point?

@Gargron That's fantastic; I just set up my instance last night and was looking for an easy way to close registrations. Thanks for all your hard work!

@Gargron such a great decision. not for the fact to keep us small and exclusive but to promote the idea of decentralization and keeping this instance from becoming the biggest instance of all

@Gargron Now I feel like on OG, even though I joined the network only this morning. Lol

@Gargron true migration (_with_ followers) is direly needed if this thing shall fly. Small instances can be shut down anytime and people are left with nothing, as happening now with

@Gargron Thanks! I'm trying to get some more nodes setup too. :smile:

@lindseyb @Gargron going to try to get our game industry focused one up and running soon

I think it would be a good idea to explicitly point to the list of other instances in the notice itself.

@Gargron I think, moving to another instance should be a first class feature. As in take your toots, followers, mentions etc with you πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

@Gargron realistically, when can you get on the 1 hour PTL delay?

@Gargron Sincerely hope the registration hiatus is temporary! This one still have the best and most comprehensive code of conduct of any instance I've looked at.

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