Good morning! Background processing queues on this instance cleared up a little, but still haven't caught up with real-time. Going to continue working on increasing the performance of background tasks to increase the number of toots per minute that can be processed without delay.

Sorry for the silliness. The activity is simply more than 4x of previous peaks.

In other news, yesterday I finally fixed the mastodon bridge tool.

@Gargron I'm currently using RabbitMQ, very reliable, clusters and works good when you've got a lot of consumers & can still do transactions if needed. not sure if what it offers gives you much over what you have though, but I thought I'd mention it.

@MoonMan The bottleneck is in the amount of jobs that can be processed concurrently. Currently it's 75. Can't simply add more workers because Postgres connections are maxed out. So I need to 1) make jobs run faster 2) read/write replicas. Sidekiq or redis itself are not the problem atm

@Gargron I'm one of the newbies. Very excited about the prospect of decentralized social media! Wishing this project much success and growth in its worthy goals!

@Gargron with bridge tool your referring to the tool to find your fellow twitterers?

@Gargron awesome! tried it out and it works well, wasn't sure if it's that or a twitter <-> mastodon bridge. Great work, can't wait to see this whole thing take off like 🚀

@Gargron Is it the server performance that's affecting notifications as well? Just curious if it's that or i have another bug on android somewhere?

@Gargron I appreciate everything you are doing to make this thing work well. 👍🏼

@Gargron I hate to add another thing to the list, but I have signed up to the mastodon-bridge with my previous account and my current twitter account. Now I cant unlink them in mastodon-bridge and link my new mastodon account with my current twitter account.

@Gargron thanks for the information and your work. Much appreciated!

@Gargron thanks for your work on the site! for the record, I'm in the time-delay-is-an-interesting-feature camp. not silly, but interesting look into how stress on the system feeds back into user experience.

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