The Ruby library for interacting with the Mastodon client API is in dire need of completion. If you're looking for ways to contribute code, I think that's a good starting point

@Gargron Funny "tootsuite" sounds like "tout de suite" in french that means "right now"

Good job on Mastodon btw!

@Gargron I'll probably be able to help in a month or two, just need to finish off uni :P

@Gargron is there a current issue list/feature/FIXME list? (I can only see two issues on the git...)

@Gargron I would love too. Are there docs for the api?

@Gargron if you have a TODO list somewhere I'd be happy to spend some time on it

@muffinista The main thing about that library is that the basics are all done, it's simply missing method definitions matching the current API documentation

@Gargron hi Eugen, I might be able to help here. It would be useful if you created Issues with missing features or bugs.

@melvin @Gargron agreed. I took a look. I don't even know where to focus effort

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