Today has been one hell of a day! I have been working on both devops and code optimization non-stop, as well as answering questions and e-mails. A lot of ms have been shaved off of requests and background jobs. Instance admins should probably update to the latest master. I'll be looking into adopting a more stable release system than just the master branch.

Oh also, I did read that "Mastodon will go extinct" article. The author doesn't get it, and didn't reach out to me at all.

@Gargron what the fuck i was literally typing an @Gargron toot saying "hey, hows it going btw, how are you feeling"

@Gargron Don't listen, man. This thing rocks. Very impressive.

@Gargron great job, make sure to not burn out trying to do too much at once :) the community will help itself

@Gargron Thanks for all your hard work (I know that's the nth time I've said it but really, great work)

@Gargron hows doing ? any rough ETA on enabling signups ?

@Gargron now that I've got my feet planted I can really appreciate what you've done here. Thank you!

@Gargron look, william shatner couldn't find lance ulanoff, and lance ulanoff is the killer feature of mastodon dot toot

@b @gargron You know what mastodon needs? Ads and celebrities.

@csaurus @Gargron we also need verification and moments and maybe a qvitter like interface and also the usernames should be hidden in a "in reply to" banner and *hey wait a minute*

@Gargron we're all here, creating more and more instances and spreading the word ! :D

Thks for all this huge work !

@Gargron It was such an odd article, both in tone and in facts.

@Gargron real time mastodon is a bit overwhelming. Can we slow things back down? 😁 Great job!

@Gargron Thank you so much for the hard work! I'm excited to see this take off.

@Gargron Great work--things are looking much better from here.

In a sense, the author was right, I guess:

@gargron Now that everybody is spread out over tons of instances, it would be cool if there was a small place in the UI where the current git commit SHA mastodon was built from is visible.

So users can tell if stuff is broken because admins need to update, or because it's actually broken.

@Gargron Most of the reasons that article says Mastodon will go extinct are reasons I love it. Fuck em!

@Gargron thanks for your amazing work. Do not listen to prophets of doom. They don't get it :)

@gargron Regarding "Mastodon will die", it reminds me lot about this: Some people like to call certain technologies/code/ideas bad simply because they don't like them for one reason or another. *shrug*

Also: I notice, on replies to someone it now includes the instance. Excellent, thank you for that! :)

@touya @Gargron The "other" social network grew organically. I would venture to say that it wasn't an instant hit (it took me years to get the hang of it). If we play our cards right, we can turn this into the same thing, but something that is more fulfilling.

@Gargron Congratulations on this project taking off! You've made so much progress since October, this is absolutely awesome.

Ignore the haters, they have no idea what they're talking about, also journalists gotta have a "controversial angle".

Early adopters will understand the appeal, others will catch up a bit later.

Good luck!

@gargron Regarding "Mastodon will die", it reminds me lot about this: Some people like to call certain technologies/code/ideas bad simply because they don't like them for one reason or another. *shrug*

@Gargron That article on Medium? :sweat_smile:

The only thing that is dead in the water is the author of that pile of misunderstandings.

Long live Mastodon! :beer:

@gargron i bet you can finde similar articles about facebook and twitter. or google+ and dispora.
But nobody knows what sticks and what does not.

@Gargron are these kind of like @all messages? It sounds like you did a lot of work on this project and I think it has a lot of potential the more I think about it, but the biggest issue is going to be people considering it YASN :\

@Gargron I read the article as well and it seems rather misguided. Twitter already exists for people who want that.

For me, the appeal of Mastodon is that it's open and decentralized. This creates a very different community than a platform that's owned by a company that's trying to monetize their users.

Mastodon is exactly what the internet should be like.

@Gargron Reasons will go extinct according to the author:

1. I'm embarrassed to say the word toot.
2. I don't understand the word federated.

@johnson @Gargron Also the idea he has of social networks is so English centric. In how many languages "toot" has no meaning?

What I see in this article is how much people are completely brain washed by the archetypes of social networks. It has to be centralized, under an identifiable banner (probably in English), everyone can be found via the internal search engine, etc.

Mastodon's popularity is great because it puts the idea of a federated web in front of many people.

@alxcndr @Gargron Totally agree about this archetype. The internet was best in the days of geocities/angelfire. You could hit the random button in the header and be taken to something awesome/stupid/incomplete/polished/frightening/etc.

Federation reminds me of those days. Eclectic and entertaining.

@Gargron @alxcndr Even the early days of social media with myspace/xanga was a bit like that. Random. Interesting. Hell, early twitter was like that too. Then they sold out.

But open source doesn't sell out. It forks and adapts. And that's why tooting will be around for awhile.

@Gargron best of luck pulling this all together. We're rooting for you! Also, have you ever talked with the Synereo folks to compare notes?

@gamehawk @Gargron I guess the difference between the two is, the one op/ed was written from the very alienating vantage of a power-Twitter-user who uses the platform solely to "broadcast," someone who maybe can't *conceive* of a social network that is in some way antithetical to careerism and ladder-climbing. I think that's what I found so... tone-deaf, even disturbing, about it—others' privacy at the expense of a journalist's ability to "broadcast"

@Gargron Perhaps they meant the animal, in which case past tense should be used.

@Gargron Actually getting ready to address a lot of this "death" nonsense as we speak!

@gargron I'm rather liking Mastodon so far, especially its decentralized, grassroots nature.

@Gargron I missed that article. but, no worries, I've heard similar things said for 10 years now. it can't go extinct if it was already here.

Also lol @ the "will go extinct" author who thinks people were leaving the bird site because of a lost NFL livestream contract. WAT.

@Gargron what, you mean the 'mastodon is dead' article was written by someone trying to cheaply cash in on its newfound success? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS etc

@Gargron Re "Mastodon will go extinct" --> I'm optimistic. But then I was also optimistic about

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