In other news, Mastodon-the-band keep talking about my project and I don't know how to process this, it's just too amazing Damn, if they decided to start an instance... What would they even be called. So many instances are already called mastodon XD

@Gargron can you have an instance as a subdomain

@Gargron there needs to be a .mastodon TLD... mastodon.mastodon

@Gargron According to Wikipedia, .band is a valid tld ( ), so if they take or or something...

(Unlisted post so there's less chance of a jerk seeing this and nabbing them)

(Or just a subdomain of their website... ...)

@Gargron You should offer them s Deluxe Premium Verified account on

@Gargron Welp. That marketing worked on me, I just bought their album.

@Gargron What if there were a Official Mastodon Mastodon client?

@Gargron we need a TLD called mastodon, so they can start mastodon.mastodon!

@Gargron presumably they already have a domain, but if not I suggest we leave open for them ^_^

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