Speaking of first time user experience, there is probably a lot of room for improvement for the "onboarding" screen. It's kinda out of everybody's mind because you only see it once ever.

I get to see it more during development, and it doesn't look great.

The fact that we don't do any tracking or analytics complicates matters. It's really hard to tell whether a change actually has any positive effect. I literally don't have any data to tell me whether after we added the onboarding modal more new users stayed or not.

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I should be happy with just getting 1.6 out there but instead I am wrecking myself thinking about optimizing first user experience

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@Gargron all things in time, but only if you check yourself before you wreck yourself, or so I have been led to believe for quite a while now

Have you considered “guerilla UX testing”? Like going to a coffeshop and buying someone coffee in exchange of looking at them use Mastodon for five minutes?

@Gargron This why I appreciate you so much, but also why I worry and hope you take a day off 🌻

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