"Mastodon and the W3C" has 100 "fans" on Medium. Not bad

@Gargron where can I become a fan? :) Being W3C with relevant background that might be useful

@Gargron once we talk about json-ld we automatically have everything wide open for controlled data handling, server -side. See Social media GDPR compliant. That would be cool, but is still a lot of work ahead. Here and now it is more important to get the functionality to compete with the centralised services :) KUTGW

For comparison, "Learning from Twitter's mistakes" (one of the first articles I've written) had 65 "fans", while "Welcome to Mastodon" (the April one) had 283.

@wxcafe Is it? It's a curve with a huge spike but an overall upward trend

@wxcafe Oh you were making a pun

Here I was confronting my own insecurities 😅 H-haha

Life goals: April levels of Mastodon usage, but like, all the time, consistently.

@Gargron We just need a few more social sites to introduce round avatars

@sydneyfalk @gargron @elomatreb does that mean we'd have to break out the Jack Black / Elmo memes

I think the commercial networks are bound to keep screwing up sooner or later. One of the things Mastodon offers which the silos don't is self-determination.

Like, hypothetically, I could make a stupid design decision in the software, but even then there's forks and community input.

The only way for silo users to counteract top-down abuse is leaving to.. well, us

@Gargron Ironically most people probably have less faith in benevolent nerds (not a swear word) than large corporations. I'm really curious how things will develop!

@jonathanmh How about instead of benevolent nerds, it's a cooperative? e.g.

@Gargron I didn't know that existed! Do they do micropayments or donations or something?

@jonathanmh I think they use OpenCollective (which is kinda like Patreon but for orgs). One of the interesting bits is that they use democracy software for executive decisions

@Gargron With commercial social networks we do, what they want us to do. It should be the other way around. It requires effort and has costs, but freedom and better (self) control are worth paying it.

@Gargron introduce some kind of monetary (or other?) incentives like steemit does

@Gargron it's a good article. The Activity Stream seems pretty neat!

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