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If you think the only reason to use a self-hosted social network is if you want to circumvent the laws, you're making the same argument as only wanting privacy if you've got something to hide. YouTube ran an algorithm to delete "extremist videos" and accidentally irreversibly deleted a bunch of historical evidence of destruction of Syrian historical sites. Shit like that happens all the time when someone else is in charge.

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@Gargron or even things as simple as videos not showing up in the subscription feed due to a great algorithm knowing better what I want than I do.

@Gargron the producers should have stuck to gratuitous bloody carnage, that always gets a pass.

Link me a few more cases like this and I might be able to put together a Medium article about the dangers of centralized monopolies

@Gargron an article about the dangers of centralized monopolies on Medium would likely spontaneously combust

@djsundog Wouldn't make my job easier if I was fighting everything at once, it's still a net good

@Gargron leaded gasoline was considered a net good for a long ass time (but I fully support your choosing which battles to fight and agree that your time would be poorly spent railing against Medium with your current workload)

@Gargron I have a better solution... let's stop using YouTube, and help everyone move to!

@gargron was it irreversibly deleted? That aside, I still can't wrap my head around people having the only copies of their videos on youtube or their photos on google photos. Back to the analogy of 'hey neighbor, can I store my stuff in your garage for free indefinately?'