What I believe stands between us and v2.0 release now is the fixing of the db:migrate thing

Everything else is less critical. Although it's funny how 1.6 was huge, but merely a "minor" release because of full backwards-compatibility, while 2.0 is kinda small but gets a "major" release because of API changes :thinkhappy:

Here are some of the major features of the upcoming v2.0 as of now:

- Custom emojis
- New emoji picker
- New emoji images (twemoji)
- Emoji autosuggestions
- Ability to define themes for admins and select a theme in preferences for users
- No more private toots sent over OStatus
- When only one image/gif attached to toot, it's displayed uncropped in detail/public view
- New error page with elephant friend

I dunno, would you be happy with just that?

@gargron any idea if we’ll ever get an embed when a toot link is tooted? (like the way quoting a tweet works on the birdsite)

@taiz No, I don't think so. It leads to a rather terrible atmosphere. There's a very small margin where people use it for good, like "look at this great artwork", but usually it gets used as a faux-reply except addressed at one's followers, as a sort of invitation to dogpile. Even when calling out like that is acceptable, putting bad content into your followers' timelines leads to bad moods. And when it's used to chain own train of thought... It's like self-replying, but with a lot more clicking

@Gargron @taiz I don't agree with this. Of course people misuse it, but on the other hand is it the #1 feature from Twitter I miss in here. I used it a lot. And yes also sometimes to criticize tweets, but most of the time to add valuable extra information.

Also don't forget that people are already able to make screenshots of toots, and comment on that.

@gargron @taiz @jeroenpraat
missing it also in mastodon.
I think one need to remember that mastodons communication culture is way different from twitter.

But I like tge attitude to keep that in mind, if building it all in away to promote having a greater athmosphere.

@jeroenpraat @taiz @gargron
for news current events and such I would call this feature even as being cruical

@ultimape @gargron people can still .reply on here and get their followers to harass someone though

@ultimape @taiz @Gargron Quote toots could be implemented as a client-side change, where any URL that’s a link to a federation post turns into a preview of that post (as if someone linked directly to it). Screenshots are trivial to fake and are not to be trusted.

@duck57 @ultimape @gargron it wouldn’t surprise me if someone made a chrome extension implementing them, oh well

@duck57 @ultimape i dunno if they will now since that’d be going against the founders wishes, but then again this is decentralized for that reason

@duck57 @ultimape i started using tootdon instead a little while ago, surprisingly good client

@Gargron @taiz Maybe the issue needs to be thought of under the heading of link previews in general? It is good for discovery to see the title at least of quoted content, if not also a preview image. Toots would just be a special case of quoted content in general. A preview--of a webpage, or of a toot--can provide important context for what I have to say about it.

@taiz @Gargron What about an embed widget to display a toot on external sites/blogs?

@mayel @taiz Click the dropdown under my toot and click on "Embed" 😋

@mayel @Gargron @taiz is this version dependent? I don't seem to have embed as an option!

@gargron that seems like a lot of work. I was happy like halfway through the list.

@Gargron I also want chocolate chip cookies, and a pony, and a fairy princess castle that lights up, and and and

@gargron Are there any plans for letting a user have full-text search of their own toots? It's hard to find your old posts if you ever need to link them for reference: I either forget to tag, forget which tag I used, or the tag is so popular that my results are buried under other people's posts.

@bea @Gargron it sounded like a negotiation and I like to negotiate from a strong stance punctuated with a hearty handshake

@djsundog @Gargron lol fair

it's a good amount of stuff already

i still want lists so i can organize (and follow) my follows a little better. i miss a lot of stuff now that i'm following *looks* almost 700 accounts

@djsundog @bea @Gargron

I prefer to negotiate from a handstance strongtuated with a shaky heart-punch

@Gargron Also, if you’re looking for good custom emojos, have a look at by @dzuk 👍🏻

@Gargron yes! I'm as happy as a toblerone is triangular


Personally? I'd be pretty pleased.

Also: I know you feel obligated to users and want their feedback and all, and that's valid, but this IS your project, I mean -- you're the one who has to set the milestones.

Sorry, I'm gettin' all mushy here. ^_^

What I'm trying to say: It looks good to me. And I hope you get very little crap about it from people.

Stuff takes time. Code is work.

Thank you for taking your time and working on this stuff. <3 ^_^

@gargron 2.0 feels like it should be way bigger. that set looks more like a 1.7

@shel @Gargron well that's cool, I'm tagging a bunch of features with priority - high that we can add to 2.0 before it's released :p

@wxcafe @shel i feel like semver is really awkward for user facing software huh

Yeah it would be 1.7 if it didn't break compat.

@djsundog @wxcafe @shel i don't even know how you expect me to solve that bug. Prevent people from favouriting if they previously unfavourited? That will also lead to people complaining...

@bea @Gargron @djsundog @wxcafe @shel just wait til we get notif batching, then it will be like "DJ Sundog, DJ Sundog, DJ Sundog, and 23 others favorited your status"

@Gargron @djsundog @shel not display the notification if the toot that is concerned was already faved by the user that's faving less than a minute ago? deleting the notification that the toot was faved when it's unfaved? a combination of the two?

@Gargron @wxcafe @shel it doesn't get fixed by preventing people from doing anything, it's probably more a "only send one fav notification per accountId-tootId pair" or something, I'd imagine

Are there any plans for toot to link location information? Biwakodon ( , ) implement this function as a uniquely. I think it's very useful when toot about local topics.

@Gargron "Just" that? Sounds like a lot of improvements. I'm particularly looking forward to the theme stuff you mentioned.

Thank you for all your work on this.

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