I have reworked the two-factor authentication page to require a confirmation and it is now live on .social. Given all the other fixes I am considering tagging a v1.1.1 release right now

@gargron Thank you for all your work!
About tags, could you also use tags in the form of v1.1.1 on the Docker Hub instead of the current branch names?

@Gargron is two-factor authentication compatible with Tusky? (apologies in advance if this is a stupid question)

@gargron Sounds good. In regards to the persistent volumes for db and redis -my opinion is that it should just be documented as an option. I knew I wanted persistence from the beginning, so I added it to my docker-compose locally.

@Gargron man, you should consider having a beer, rather than tagging... You are doing so good.

@Gargron how will that effect current 2FA users once it's implimented on an instance? I.e for someone locked out? Guessing it only applies to new 2FA users on an natance once that's installed?

@Gargron was thinking- any thoughts to help move a user between instances (and update the followers with their new location)?

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