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I tried playing Dota 2 today after a long break and I couldn't enjoy it. Kind of my fault for going solo unranked and randoming Meepo, but damn they also made that game really, like, cold? Pre-Reborn HUD used to be all warm and fantasy so it felt really nice to just get into the game. Now it's like glass and steel. Probably a weird thing to complain about

I have a real crisis in not being able to relax anymore. That used to be Dota for me - took my mind completely off of everything else, was also my way of hanging out with friends (and I found most of my current friends through it). Now that I'm not playing it, what else is there? Pubg is anything but relaxing but most importantly that dumb game is so broken I haven't even been able to queue properly the last few days.


Pubg's main menu is literally a goddamn web page and their fucking website goes down

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Main menu as in not just a MOTD kind of thing but being able to get into the game at all? Seems a bit spooky that a webpage can hook into the game like that. Ripe for exploits

Something similar happened in a HL2 mod I worked on many years ago. We just pointed the MOTD window to our website. Then the mod got super popular, which the site couldn't quite deal with. Static motd.html shipped with every version after that 😂