@Gargron Hey! My friend @Reelwens is astonished to see that his account was recently deleted without any notification of the reason behind it. He says that you didn't replied to his attempts to reach you in order to get some clues about it.

So I'm trying to help him to get an answer & maybe to let him get his account back. Please don't ignore my toot. Thanks.


@Richiesque I will look into it. I can see that he was suspended. We generally don't do that unless it's a severe violation of our rules. Very unlikely that it was a mistake, but I will check

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@Gargron Ok many thanks, he just read (again) the instances rules & guidelines and he is very confident that he didn't commit any infringement to them. So he's waiting very patiently your review, hoping that he didn't forget anything about his previous toots. :)

@Gargron @Richiesque Hello !
I allow myself to up this toot.

Thank you in advance.

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