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Eugen @Gargron

v2.0.0rc1, the first release candidate for 2.0, is out:

Please read the release notes for details! I put a lot of effort into making them structured and human-readable this time.

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@Gargron detailled upgrade instructions could be a good thing too.

@Gargron Congrats for the RC of a major version-up!!

@gargron Shit dude, that's a lot of stuff.

Mastodon 2.emoj0

@Gargron thank you for the release, and for those release notes! They really are readable and useful.

(Thanks in particular also for #5146, plaintext links appended to emails - as a mutt user that really is convenient for me!)

@Gargron thanks for your and everyone else's hard work on this.

@Gargron Caloot Callay! (chortling in my joy). Congratulations.