For the record there are no co-founders of Mastodon. Not in a startup way (it's not a startup) nor in a development way (I started the project on my own)


I'm only saying this because I've seen someone claim to be a Mastodon co-founder, not to toot my own horn.

@Gargron I can't believe I've been here over a week and I haven't told you this yet: You're kinda awesome. :)

@Gargron when you toot here you have more claim to the horn than anyone else

@Gargron Why your url on your bio is github/gargron/mastodon and it redirects to ?

I'm a tech blogger, will do a write up once I can figure out what the heck I'm doing lol.

.@Gargron well, you've built something pretty cool. I think you deserve a little horn-tootin'. :grin:

@Gargron tooting our own horns is literally why we are here

@Gargron @Hueman that and for the immature chuckle we get from pressing a button that says "TOOT!". lol

@Gargron I'm fully ready to toot your own horn.

That didn't sound right.

@Gargron Haha! Welcome! Mastodon Co-Founder here! Hope you're having fun!

@Gargron Haha, the things people will claim :D

I run some national events in my field, and once overheard someone claiming to a friend of mine "Oh yeah, me and David," *crosses fingers* "we're like that". To this day I've still never met them.

@Gargron What the heck is wrong with people? I hope you banned him.

@Gargron Impressive, and worth noting for the record. :)

(And 'impressive' is understating my take on it, TBQH.)

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