People are asking me to change "favourite" to "boop" and I don't know if this is going too far now

@Gargron just call it "star," it's what people will say anyhow

@Gargron it is absolutely not, this sounds like a very good idea

@Gargron if changes the word for favourite, I'll have to figure out what will do

(could go the Twitter route and have hearts with “likes”, I guess?)

@nanoha Do whatever you want, I just need someone to test the PuSH thing cough cough

@actualham @Gargron I'd vote for "root", as in "that's a real rootin' toot!".

The world needs more Yosemite Sam references...

@fgraver @Gargron @actualham Yes, more Sam pls. The most prolific tooter each month could be highlighted as "“I’m the hootinst, tootinist, shootinist bobtail wildcat in the west!”"

@fgraver @Gargron @actualham Oh my goodness no. For everyone now struggling to keep a straight face with toot (either the gas kind or the cocaine kind) if you add root Australians will collapse with laughter.

Language: a trap for the unwary.

@katebowles @Gargron @actualham Isn't people collapsing with laughter a good thing? :D

Also, a useful reminder that even the English-speaking world is quite hetrogenous - something the rest of us tend to forget...

@Gargron boop doesn't have a good intuitive connection with a star I'm for it if it can be paired with a fitting symbol

@Gargron Fav works for me... what doesn't work for me is "like" - Like = conversation killer IMO

@Britz @Gargron i would be okay with "like" if it popped up this image whenever i tried to mouse over the button

@Gargron I dont think it would be hard for new users. its a star button on the thing below someone else's toot. you could call it anything and people will know what it is.

@Gargron There's a point where it would become incomprehensible to new people.

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