v1.1.2 should come pretty soon. This instance is on latest master right now, which means upgrade to Ruby 2.4.1 (perf improvements), a better styled emoji dialog, boost confirmation dialogs, and proper scrolling for filtered notifications.

@Gargron I'm running the master branch with Ruby 2.4.1 since I brought my instance up yesterday. Everything seems to run smoothly! Thank you!

@Gargron well done for the emojis and the boost confirmation box!

@Gargron any thought on copying tags on replies? Might be a config knob.

@gargron über 22000 neue Nutzer werden sich freuen

@Gargron is the api down on your server, or are you working on it?

@jeroensmeets @Gargron a lot of instances are getting borked with the latest update ... #rollbackWOTD

@Gargron never mind, started answering again, maybe something along the route.

@gargron Emoji dialog scroll bar have a color problem when mouse over.

@gargron I've got a weird issue on my instance. It's not retrieving the profile pics of users from other instances *sometimes*. Is this a known bug, or am I special?

@Gargron When you say "boost confirmation dialogs" it's a soft modal, right? Not a tab-blocking modal window, like "Clear notifications" has?

@Daenyth Yes, it's a soft modal. And clear notifications should be changed into on of those too, soon

@Gargron Can we have boost confirmations be optional? That's one of the nicer things about the UI here...

@gargron Sooo... Is there a way to see what version an instance is currently running? #mastodonCore

@Gargron Great to see the updates flowing, but not liking the boost confirmation dialogue. 1. dialogues are best avoided unless essential because they get in the way, require attention, requite action etc., so I would disable this if I could - can I? 2. On mobile I can't hit Alt-boost

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