I have applied a domain block of type silence with reject_media toggled on to, because of increasing reports of loli content.

This type of domain block is not yet exposed from admin UI, so I'll probably follow up with an explanation on how to do it, but if you're an instance admin you can just use the "suspend" option for a nuclear solution to the problem.

I also intend to open up a GitHub issue for discussion about content caching strategies.

Here are instructions on how to do what I did, if you are interested:

@Gargron it kinda sucks to have to do it... but I'm not gonna miss the amount of tits on the ptl o_O;

@gargron I like jeroenpraat's suggestion. (I gave it a thumbs up, I have nothing to add; it seems to cover the issues.)

@gargron if we do apply full suspension to a domain, is all content cleared out including media? Or is there still a manual step needed?

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:lollipop: That's why Mastodon is big in Japan :grin:

@Gargron thanks. I like art, I clicked on a few line drawings.... I closed them very quickly. pawoo has some VERY problematic images on it.

@Gargron the minute .social opens I'm jumping ship because this hasn't been addressed here and so far no luck.

@stephenlovell I would say, don't be so harsh on your admin - this is a new issue (Japanese Mastodon literally exploded from nothing just two days ago)

@Gargron it's fair but this instance is also filled with ppl posting similar stuff directly here that's inline with pawoo, so it's not a matter of just blocking an instance.

The response to .cloud is to just block pawoo for a few days starting sometime today. And I'm not sure how they'll handle all that's on the instance.

A strategy for large scale moderation of content has got to form here and elsewhere, whether a team of mods or otherwise. Fediverse admin coordination?

@Gargron so many japanese on my instance...(not complaining just adding that its exploded!)

@Gargron i said it there and I'll say it here. I'm not cool with the current caching model.. it puts an impossible weight on admins shoulders to keep up to date with these blocks. A better solution to this is a while away. I want a short term for now till the long term is in place.

It was loli content. What if it was child porn.

@intothemild I don't see at all how its an impossible weight compared to everything else. What if someone signs up on your instance and starts posting the same shit? You'd have to suspend them all the same, remote accounts are not different in this case, except that you have extra tools like domain blocks to simplify it en masse.

@Gargron Looks like your modification completely forbids media integration for silenced instances, they appears as external links :/
I understand you don't want to cache them or see them in the federated TL but that's a big no-no to me since you banned thousands of artists accounts.

@fenarinarsa I already opened a PR with improvements on this, but you'll have to wait until v1.1.3 is released (maybe tomorrow it'll be ready)

@Gargron Okay, perfect ! I understand perfectly you can't/don't want to host some images. You're also a victim of the federated timeline, Twitter doesn't have this issue of people being offended because it doesn't have a global TL.
Thanks a lot for all your work btw :)

@intothemild @Gargron Not to put too fine a point on this but in the US the law does not distinguish.

@Elucidating @Gargron exactly my point. And remember law enforcement doesn't care about cache or anything. They got the bad person and that's it.

@intothemild @Elucidating As I said, if you're looking at it from that perspective, then it's the same problem if a bad guy signs up on your instance. So this problem is not unique to caching. And yet, social networks survive

@Gargron @intothemild I agree: there is no solution other than to be careful who you peer with and make sure to keep an audit log of what you do and when you do it.

@bortzmeyer @Gargron

Loli may refer to:

"ロリ", A Japanese slang term which represents a cultural version of a more youthful or childlike female appearance. For example, girls under the age of 13 or 14 can be considered lolis. However, females whose bodies have not yet reached adulthood can also be considered lolis whilst disregarding their age as criteria.

@bortzmeyer @Gargron Basically, it's hentai that contains underage females in sexual situations.

@bortzmeyer I think it's Lolita images, mainly drawings, of 13-14 yo girls; this seems to be allowed in .JP

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