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If e.g. loli is legal in Japan, then there's no justification to *demand* an instance in Japan ban that content. Admins in places where it's illegal can ask nicely that they moderate or use admin tools to moderate/block the instances where it's allowed.

An easy to flip -nocache flag would be nice for those servers / situations, to prevent illegal content from remote servers being stored locally. ( @gargron :)

Eugen @Gargron

@frankiesaxx Yes, I'm not trying to demand anything of Pixiv - just suggesting that if they don't want to be blocked by many western instances, it would make sense for them to share some of our basic rules. They can choose not to, of course.

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@gargron Oh I didn't mean you! :) I saw you explain the issue very tactfully. :)

Imeant in general, demanding international servers comply with local laws is unfair. I just tagged you because of the nocache thing. :)