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Does mastodon parse #nsfw and #cw tags and automatically put blinders on whatever is in that post?
Eugen @Gargron

@sungo @bottitytto no. masto just adds a hidden nsfw hashtag in the Atom feed, and likewise puts a blinder on media when a toot has a nsfw hashtag. but text =/= metadata

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@Gargron I know. Part of @bottitytto 's original question was if #cw tags turn into blinders. Sounds like not.

@sungo @bottitytto Content warnings use an out of band means that is not recognized at all by any other existing software than Mastodon.  CW posts show up in GS, pA, Friendica, Hubzilla, et al, as normal text posts without even an indication they were CWd.  This is why when I approach that problem I will be doing it differently.  It degrades poorly.

@maiyannah @bottitytto Yeah, that last CW'd post of mine looks like the attached image in GS. (It's SFW) The CW text is not there thanks to the non-standard field

@sungo @bottitytto My proposal for this is in the FR I put in postActiv's issue tracker:

If we use a text format like that, it will degrade much better.
@sungo @maiyannah Yeah, I'm not concerned with the places outside of masto for this particular thing. I just know that masto instances have rather rigorous rules on what should show up in their feeds and I really don't want to be silicened/defederated by instances where I have friends.
@maiyannah @sungo Yeah, I figured CW was out of band, but I guess the nsfw tagging also keeps everything cleartext. I was just curious because I have been self-censoring to keep unsilenced/federated with masto instances that I have friends on. :/
@bottitytto @sungo Mastodon's tools for this basically fall apart the moment they hit any part of the network not their own.  The same is true of their "privacy tools".  They were not made with the larger network in mind.
@sungo @bottitytto Mike Micgivrin's already got that rant covered ;)
@bottitytto @sungo Interop isn't always easy, but it's usually easier when you at least make the attempt.
@bottitytto @sungo Anyways, postActiv's SCW/spoilering stuff will hit any text below the fold.  On servers that don't process it you'll still have the CW/NSFW line and any descriptors so it's not terribad.  I'd hope Mastodon comes to process it but I may as well hope I win the lotto.  They don't really care for anything not-Mastodon.
@maiyannah @sungo Yeah. Since it's imagery, I'll probably surely be blocked. xD
@bottitytto @sungo By the way, warn your friends on mastodon: "private" posts that cross into GNU social/postActiv/hubzilla/friendica networks become 100% public.

It's not even that all of those networks don't have controls like that - hubzilla and friendica both do - its that Gargron uses his own implementation and it falls apart when it hits the wider network.

@maiyannah @bottitytto DMs should be as well. If you include a GS person on the DM chain, my bet is that it goes public.

But then again, if you mention someone in a Masto DM who wasn't looped in previously, masto adds them to the whole thread. Found that out when folks bitching about me accidentally let the edit window fully qualify my handle.

@sungo @bottitytto That is correct.  DMs are just another kind of notice in Mastodon, with a certain notice scope.  This notice scope information is discarded by other non-Mastodon servers.