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Eugen @Gargron

Pixiv have kindly shared their Mastodon deployment tips & tricks

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@Gargron probably should note it's in Japanese :)

@Gargron wait, they're hosting it all on AWS? I don't think Amazon would take kindly to lolicon...

@Gargron Migrating from local to remote S3 is automatically? or do we need to do something other than setting the URL and API keys?

@pwnsdx @Gargron If you've got existing files locally already, you'd need to upload/mirror them to S3, but apart from that, it's just changing the URL endpoint and API keys.

@Gargron nice! this is very similar to the setup I use for my instances

@Gargron @bea Except you didn't have two infrastructure professionals architect and deploy it for you 😁

@Gargron @cs i'm just jealous of their userbase because i want to have a reason to set up auto-scaling with spot instances tbh

@bea @Gargron Maybe .social will eventually want to migrate to a more redundant, multi-region infrastructure and you could help :D

@cs @Gargron i'm up for it. it's not really hard there's just a bunch of gotchas

@Gargron w.ait, is pawoo actually like, literally a pixiv mastodon instance

@lae @Gargron Interesting read! Thank you for the translation! I wonder how much all of that is costing them...

@cs @lae They are hosting Pixiv, so unlikely more than that eh

@lae This is fantastic, thank you so much.

@lae @Gargron

Wow! Thank you for translating our article!! Let's boost up the Mastodon together

@pixiv @Gargron ah, I'd prefer it if you could boost the original toot instead of this reply lol

@lae @Gargron The "Contributing to Mastodon" section means:
We tried to improve mastodon server by infrastructure aspect, but sometime we can achieve better result by improving code instead of adding more servers. In pixiv multiple engineer create pull request for improvement.

@ikeji Oh I already updated this, I was in a rush so originally left it in Japanese when I tooted it.