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Eugen @Gargron

Sticker Mule have apologized thoroughly. It was apparently an engineering error in multiple instances, from letting me add a clear cut sticker in the first place, to sending out shipping notices when they actually intended to cancel orders. They have restored our sticker, this time as a die cut with white border:

Also, I will still receive 100 items of the clear cut stickers I originally ordered.

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@gargron Cool, since they fixed you up I placed my order. Thanks for setting that up. Sticker all the things!

@Gargron guys they realised you have unusually large social reach... call me cynical 😀 But glad stickers are now sorted, fingers crossed.

@Gargron That's cool news! Wasn't sounding like them, great to see it's been solved.

@Gargron I had no idea stickers were available! I just ordered one! :D

@Gargron personally, I like the die cut stickers much better.

@Gargron Sticker Mule is the bomb! I've created several stickers with them. The most recent is

@Gargron sorry if this is annoying, but is there a way for a customer (that isn't you) to place a bulk order? I wouldn't mind being a sorta SF distributor

@xor What I haven't asked them yet is if I could order more clear cut stickers privately. I think they are stopping production of those altogether. But if you mean like, a bulk order of the die cut ones, I could order them to your address?

@Gargron I meant the latter, yes. Happy to drop a little money to be able to hand them out at Noisebridge and EFF events and stuff

@xor @Gargron """wouldn't mind""" if i recall correctly, that's an #understatement Parker :)

@Gargron So yesterday I placed an order and they sent me a "shipped" notice. Are you saying that was actually a cancellation and I need to reorder?

@Gargron Ah, now I see the email. All is well. I've reordered.

@Gargron I can't believe you're having issues with Mastodon and multiple instances 😜