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@gargron This happened to me but didn't mind it. But if this guy says that "Mastodon doesn't work with Quitter", more people will.
@espectalll @mmn @gargron in tags, put an underscore it's the same that no to put it. Maybe with names happens the same
Eugen @Gargron

@thefaico @espectalll @mmn Someone very early in development of StatusNet decided that underscores weren't important, so GS completely ignores them. a___b is the same as ab for GS. I never understood why, so Mastodon treats underscores verbatim.

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@gargron @mmn @thefaico So that's weird. Chances are, this won't change in the short-term, right? That's a legit problem...
@thefaico @mmn @gargron Consider, up until this point, you could create accounts with the "same" name but different amounts of underscores.
@espectalll @gargron @mmn could be a problem to follow people on a same instance on Mastodon. But in gnusocial there aren't accounts with underscores on its nick (I guess), so if added that verbatim treatment that should be resolve the problem, right?
@thefaico Subscribing shouldn't be an issue. Mentioning should probably cause collision confusion though. If this is an actual problem I wouldn't mind making sure it works. Haven't heard anything about this from the real world use though.
@mmn thanks for the explanations and your fixes!
@mmn I have never tried but I guess you won't be able to address a #non-subscribed underscore mastadon account without it being a reply
@mcscx You should, but it'd be without the underscore. The locally stored (normalized/sanitised) nickname is the one you would mention. That's why confusion may occur with a__b and a___b because both would be @ab (but you wouldn't be able to do it without being subscribed I think, i.e.
@mcscx How about we find someone with underscores and try it out? ;)
^- Hello, you are part of an experiment. (see conversation on my instance for context) .)

(I could subscribe to you perfectly well despite you having an underscore in the nickname)
^- Hello @choller, you are part of an experiment. (see conversation on my instance for context) .)

(I could subscribe to you perfectly well despite you having an underscore in the nickname)

(but apparently not use the full acct uri when notifying)
^- @realramnit Apparently I could use the nickname but not the full ID, probably not even @choller (though that depends on in which order the normalisation goes, which I don't remember off-hand)
@realramnit Ok, I could use the proper but not the shorter

So this is more of a user confusion scenario than a technical difficulty. The most confusion part was that my autocomplete suggested to use an invalid identifier.
@realramnit @mmn Did you use the "remote subscription" form? If so, how did you introduce the username? Were you the first on this node?
@espectalll Yes, remote subscription form. What I saw that was the error in some screenshot you had was that the 'acct:' part was included, which makes the lookup fail. Without it, it works even with underscores.

If it for some reason still doesn't work for you, maybe it's because you're on and because @hannes2peer unfortunately has to work to gather capitailst money to pay for crappy capitalist stuff in a crappy capitalist society I think it drains energy from maintaining stuff too often (is my projected interpretation).
@mmn den dΓ€r acct:-grejen Γ€r fixad pΓ₯ .se nu iaf!
@realramnit Yes, which is confusing because if you do the whole nick + URL it will do the same lookup as /main/ostatussub which will fail if it's not properly formatted (with underscores). Clearly a !GNUsocial bug.
@espectalll @realramnit I haven't tried using the "Remote follow" link on a #Mastodon instance yet, no. But that's just a redirect to /main/ostatussub which works great. I just subscribed to @ekaitzzarraga for example.
@mmn @realramnit Well, I had some troube, and so did @efrainromano. Perhaps it is fixed by someone first finding the profile with its URL?
@choller Just us self-absorbed devs playing around with puny mortal users!
@espectalll I fixed that in master and nightly. The acct: URI is normalised and remote subscribes work for anyone who has updated that. Maybe @hannes2peer wants to merge this on and

@Gargron I never understood underscore filtering either (but that's not the issue in this thread). But then again #Gmail ignores (at least) dots in their usernames, so there's obviously some sort of use to it (less confusion for example: a_____b vs a____b <- who is who?).

cc: @thefaico
@mmn @hannes2peer @thefaico @gargron BTW, about the underscores thing, they actually stopped us from following people on Mastodon.
@hannes2peer @mmn @thefaico @gargron For instance, on an instance with Qvitter, type an address like
@hannes2peer @mmn @thefaico @gargron Not even removing the underscore will make it work. But using the profile URL instead will work.