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Hey @<a href="">gargron</a>, you may want to look at this; an "acct:" prefix is being appended when it shouldn't <a href=""></a>
@<a href="">gargron</a> This happened to me but didn't mind it. But if this guy says that "Mastodon doesn't work with Quitter", more people will.
@<a href="">gargron</a> This is probably something worth notifying to @<a href="">mmn</a> too?
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> There's yet another problem: why do underscores in usernames get removed on GNU Social? <a href=""></a>
@<a href="">espectalll</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> in tags, put an underscore it's the same that no to put it. Maybe with names happens the same
Eugen @Gargron

@thefaico @espectalll @mmn Someone very early in development of StatusNet decided that underscores weren't important, so GS completely ignores them. a___b is the same as ab for GS. I never understood why, so Mastodon treats underscores verbatim.

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@<a href="">gargron</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">thefaico</a> So that's weird. Chances are, this won't change in the short-term, right? That's a legit problem...
@<a href="">espectalll</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> could it be that difficult to change it?
@<a href="">thefaico</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> Consider, up until this point, you could create accounts with the "same" name but different amounts of underscores.
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">thefaico</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> fact, you can do so in Mastodon today (!!!) 
@<a href="">espectalll</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> could be a problem to follow people on a same instance on Mastodon. But in gnusocial there aren't accounts with underscores on its nick (I guess), so if added that verbatim treatment that should be resolve the problem, right?
@<a href="">thefaico</a> Subscribing shouldn't be an issue. Mentioning should probably cause collision confusion though. If this is an actual problem I wouldn't mind making sure it works. Haven't heard anything about this from the real world use though.
@<a href="">mmn</a> thanks for the explanations and your fixes!
@<a href="">mmn</a> I have never tried but I guess you won't be able to address a #<span class="tag"><a href="">non-subscribed</a></span> underscore mastadon account without it being a reply
@<a href="">mcscx</a> You should, but it'd be without the underscore. The locally stored (normalized/sanitised) nickname is the one you would mention. That's why confusion may occur with a__b and a___b because both would be @ab (but you wouldn't be able to do it without being subscribed I think, i.e.
@<a href="">mcscx</a> How about we find someone with underscores and try it out? ;)
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">mcscx</a> I nominate
^- Hello, you are part of an experiment. (see conversation on my instance for context) .)<br><br> (I could subscribe to you perfectly well despite you having an underscore in the nickname)
^- Hello @<a href="">choller</a>, you are part of an experiment. (see conversation on my instance for context) .)<br><br> (I could subscribe to you perfectly well despite you having an underscore in the nickname)<br><br> (but apparently not use the full acct uri when notifying)
^- @realramnit Apparently I could use the nickname but not the full ID, probably not even @<a href="">choller</a> (though that depends on in which order the normalisation goes, which I don't remember off-hand)
@realramnit Ok, I could use the proper but not the shorter<br><br> So this is more of a user confusion scenario than a technical difficulty. The most confusion part was that my autocomplete suggested to use an invalid identifier.
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">realramnit</a> Have you tried to do a remote subscription from the external node?
@<a href="">espectalll</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> tried and succeeded. <a href=""></a> is presenting him as @<a href="">choller</a> (see <a href=""></a> )
@<a href="">realramnit</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> Did you use the "remote subscription" form? If so, how did you introduce the username? Were you the first on this node?
@<a href="">espectalll</a> Yes, remote subscription form. What I saw that was the error in some screenshot you had was that the 'acct:' part was included, which makes the lookup fail. Without it, it works even with underscores.<br><br> If it for some reason still doesn't work for you, maybe it's because you're on #<span class="tag"><a href=""></a></span> and because @<a href="">hannes2peer</a> unfortunately has to work to gather capitailst money to pay for crappy capitalist stuff in a crappy capitalist society I think it drains energy from maintaining stuff too often (is my projected interpretation).
@<a href="">mmn</a> den där acct:-grejen är fixad på .se nu iaf!
@<a href="">realramnit</a> Yes, which is confusing because if you do the whole nick + URL it will do the same lookup as /main/ostatussub which will fail if it's not properly formatted (with underscores). Clearly a !<a href="">GNUsocial</a> bug.
@<a href="">espectalll</a> @<a href="">realramnit</a> I haven't tried using the "Remote follow" link on a #<span class="tag"><a href="">Mastodon</a></span> instance yet, no. But that's just a redirect to /main/ostatussub which works great. I just subscribed to @<a href="">ekaitzzarraga</a> for example.
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">realramnit</a> Well, I had some troube, and so did @<a href="">efrainromano</a>. Perhaps it is fixed by someone first finding the profile with its URL?
@<a href="">choller</a> Just us self-absorbed devs playing around with puny mortal users!
<p><span class="h-card"><a href="">@<span>C_Holler</span></a></span> <span class="h-card"><a href="">@<span>mmn</span></a></span> You should be proud that GNU social devs chose you to be their lab rabbit. ;)</p>
*injects !<a href="">GNUsocial</a> needles in @<a href="">pskosinski</a>*
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">pskosinski</a> That hurts. :(
@<a href="">pskosinski</a> Sorry :( *massages with GNU hooves*
@<a href="">espectalll</a> I fixed that in master and nightly. The acct: URI is normalised and remote subscribes work for anyone who has updated that. Maybe @<a href="">hannes2peer</a> wants to merge this on #<span class="tag"><a href=""></a></span>: <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a><br><br> @<a href="">Gargron</a> I never understood underscore filtering either (but that's not the issue in this thread). But then again #<span class="tag"><a href="">Gmail</a></span> ignores (at least) dots in their usernames, so there's obviously some sort of use to it (less confusion for example: a_____b vs a____b &lt;- who is who?).<br><br> cc: @<a href="">thefaico</a>
@<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">hannes2peer</a> @<a href="">thefaico</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> BTW, about the underscores thing, they actually stopped us from following people on Mastodon.
@<a href="">hannes2peer</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">thefaico</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> For instance, on an instance with Qvitter, type an address like
@<a href="">hannes2peer</a> @<a href="">mmn</a> @<a href="">thefaico</a> @<a href="">gargron</a> Not even removing the underscore will make it work. But using the profile URL instead will work.