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@Gargron I'm not getting any of your recent post in my instance...happening with a few users, any insight?

@Shawn @Gargron Same here - rake mastodon:daily is configured. (at least it should)

I haven't updated to 1.2.2 yet.

@MrGilbert @Gargron I'm also running "rake mastodon:push:refresh", hopefully this resolves everything. I'm a little disappointed things are moving farther away from modular Docker stacks.

@Shawn TBH, afaik this is already documented for quite a while. But I agree with you - it would be cool if the container could run these tasks on its' own.

@Gargron , may I create an issue for that?

Eugen @Gargron

@MrGilbert @Shawn I don't think it's possible/idiomatic to run cronjobs inside containers?

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@Gargron Well, it is possible (the internet says). I will tinker around a little bit with the Dockerfile. Of course: If it's something that everyone needs - I agree, that's open to discussion. @Shawn

@MrGilbert @Gargron cron jobs can sheduled on the host to run commands in containers. I looked for privileged scheduling images for docker...unfortunately none seem to exist other than one that will auto start/stop.

@Gargron @MrGilbert eh... it's something the container (or a scheduler) usually handles on it's own. This exact setup is possible but not necessarily idiomatic. Were the image built to do it automatically - that would not be unusual.