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Eugen @Gargron

Looks like the pgBouncer was actually maxed out, but the settings weren't adjusted for the beefiness of the DB server so I did that and it seems everything's back to normal

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@Gargron What did you do exactly? Switched to session mode? Minimised the pool?

@wonderfall No no session mode is the opposite of what you want to do with pgBouncer. I just upped max connections in pgBouncer and the default pool size and that's done it

@Gargron Yes I meant transaction, the opposite... I also increased max connections, and set the pool size to a reasonable value (20), but with transaction mode it's very light on the PGSQL and I felt it.

@wonderfall I don't have any science behind the numbers, it's just "try until it works well"

@Gargron Issue: Would it be possible to install à favicon for each instance #mastodon ?