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Eugen @Gargron

Please, if you're reporting something on

1) Attach toots so I can quickly see what it's about
2) Add a comment as to why you're reporting so i get some context
3) If the toot/account is not in English, *please* definitely add a comment explaining it in English

We do have a mod who speaks French, and I speak German and Russian, but it still allows us to work through reports faster if they're in English

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@Gargron If you or any mod need help with Spanish I'd be glad to help you.

I've already seen racial slurs in Spanish on the LT... :/

@Gargron Is there some 'official' place with the list of banned/blocked instances ?

@Gargron Breaking News: Speaker is behind ! That explains the RT bots. More at 11.

@Gargron just 1 RT news bot early on, but there's also a CNN one and a few others already.

@Gargron Originally toot was a joke. They have <name> "Feed Bot" in description, but many are not from this instance. Nothing to report because they won't show up on public timeline. They're of other instances.

@joule ah okay. i consider RT to be a propaganda machine

@Gargron Same here, but hey, even Aaron Swartz went to them a few times. I have the RT on my RSS feeds just to get another angle of a story. (e.g. must things United Nations related)