I did *not* wake up this late, but I still feel like the first thing I say in a day should be good morning or good afternoon. Yesterday I took a day from the main repo and worked on preparing instead (homepage for the project as a whole). There's still a lot to be done on that, but it's shaping up

@Gargron so there is a homepage for the whole project coming... YES!

@Gargron cool! Looking forward to it. I've really been enjoying contributing to Mastodon, but let me know if the PRs get annoying.

@ashfurrow PRs are NEVER annoying. Though as I said yesterday I didn't do anything to the main repo save for a few quick merges on small things

@Gargron I really enjoy triaging issues and reviewing old ones and stuff, let me know if you'd like some help on the repo 👍

@Gargron FYI that site gives a too many redirects error on Chrome

@Gargron thanks, will have a look when back in front of a computer

@Gargron About the tagline: "Mastodon is a federated social network"

For the average person, "federated" doesn't mean much. What about talking about a benefit that federation offers? For example, "Mastodon: the social network that never goes away" or "Mastodon: the social network that is controlled by everyone and no one". You get the point.

Having a tagline or a mission statement is essential to form any new community. Look at Peter Hintjen's essay here:

@Gargron This is great - a single "welcome mat" would be a huge leap forward for new users' experiences

@Gargron I'm interested in writing a documentation viewer themed to match the site, would you be interested in using it?

@Gargron Well, it is always good morning somewhere. So, good morning back at you from San Diego, CA 😉

@Gargron This is a great idea! Anything to reduce friction for less tech-savvy users is a good thing in my book.

@Gargron You gotta take time for yourself as well 😁 we all know how hard you are working. Thanks for everything.

@Gargron When was the last time you took a whole day off? You could probably use one!

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