@Gargron haven't even read it yet but must give kudos for the title! :D

@Gargron Thanks for what you have accomplished and shared!

@Gargron Thank you for your great work, Eugen 🤗
You're right, Freedom is important in France !

@Gargron Mastodon's founder Eugen Rochko's latest blog post...

'here are the most prominent changes summarized:...'

@jd yeah? :P Bad? :P
We just went too long without writing anything, so we linked all the changelogs :D

@Gargron Awesome. Looking forward to keeping the good flow @maloki has already helped igniting re: Community Outreach and Road Map/Governance! Keep up the good job and sleep (more!) 😁

@Gargron Keep up the great work. Just got my instance up and running with help from @hugo

@Gargron What is that, a 2333% increase in the userbase since last month? Not bad!

@Gargron thank you Eugen and be proud of yourself ;)
It's a beautiful story you're writing, and we are writing with you !

(and Yes, France likes decentralisation and free software ;) )

@Gargron Medium is blocked in China 😥
But mastodon.social is available 😂

@Gargron Thanks for your awesome work! Can't wait to see the roadmap for 1.3 ;)

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