@Gargron And, actually, if you have been over 18 when you opened your PayPal account: Close it now, anyways.

I mean, too bad PayPal is like the only way to do business online using a bank account without a credit card

@Gargron I'm a writer online and I am constantly terrified of the day when they find out it's because I'm writing porn and go "oh well we don't like that, huh" and just delete it. Fuck PayPal.

@Gargron I also opened it in 17: but if there's literally no money on it, and it's linked to a debit card, it should be OK? Nothing they can gain by closing it

@Gargron still insane that such a company seems to be built around being dicks to their customers

@MightyPork @gargron I think it is USA lawyers paranoia because in UK (maybe rest of EU?) someone <18 cannot be held liable for debts or for legal contracts terms; but as soon as they are 18 the usual contracts apply.

Like many British teenagers i got my first bank accounts at age 12/13, and used same banks well into my 20s. I didn't have to close my a/c and start again at 18 with "adults" bank account..

@Gargron Yeah, too bad. Bitcoin definitely won't be it, but I hope we keep seeing experimentation with cryptocurrency, so that eventually we do have an internet-monies-for-the-people that has characteristics which are usable for everyday humans.

@Gargron @cwebber My heart is with GNU Taler with its interesting no-bullshit design. I hope they get picked up by banks.

@masoud @Gargron @cwebber GNU Taler is an interesting project! By the way, I interviewed GNU Taler developer Christian Grothoff a while ago. The interview was published by my employer, an association of cooperative banks and other cooperatives (unfortunately, the interview is only available in German): rwgv.de/newsroom/aus-den-fachb

@stefanieschulte @masoud @Gargron GNU Taler is interesting. I haven't gotten to try it yet but it sounds promising.

I'm also keeping an eye on the Stellar consensus protocol (*very* interesting stuff... federated consensus!) and what the company Digital Bazaar is doing (full disclosure in that I contract with them, but not on this currently) on Web Payments stuff (Linked Data Signatures for web payment stuff basically). Reasons for optimism!

@cwebber @stefanieschulte @masoud @Gargron

wow !

I didn't know about Linked data Signatures and I didn't know about Stellar !

@cwebber @Gargron @masoud Here is a set of slides about the GNU Taler project (in English), from a talk Christian Grothoff gave in Düsseldorf: grothoff.org/christian/fsfe201

@Gargron nah, iDeal, Sofort, Direct Debit! All EU Stuff though! And there are VISA and MasterCard Debit Cards

@gargron Amazon payments works without a credit card too. I use it to pay for e.g. Humble Bundles.

@Gargron hopefully some sort of cryptocurrency will become mainstream.

@Gargron SEPA bank wires work fine. And you can use @liberapay for donations.

@angristan Euh je sais plus quel age j'avais quand j'ai ouvert mon compte PayPal moi wtf

@Gargron good job I don't use the account I made when I was 13 in my dad's name :S

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