If text search is ever implemented, it should be limited to your home timeline/mentions only. Lack of full-text search on general content is intentional, due to negative social dynamics of it in other networks


I can't stop google from indexing public pages but there's a difference between "possible" and "convenient". There's already hashtags for when you *want* to be discovered via some keyword.

@synth yeah but it or some other crawler could choose to ignore it lol

@Gargron though getting people aware of the importance of using hashtags is a cultural shift, as people are used to full-text search... social.coop/media/ylUSqt-ktVlO

@Gargron Hashtags are so 2007 and people don't expect the search to work only on hashtags :/

@Gargron especially since I seem to vaguely remember from previous jobs that Google has a habit of ignoring robots.txt telling it to go away

@theoutrider @Gargron I've never had a problem with Google not respecting a robots.txt file. It's always important to make sure you have the file formatted correctly, though.

@Gargron it would be nice if it would be possible to 'follow' hashtags so they'd appear in your 'Home'. a bit like diaspora did. great way to discover content without having to manually search it out.

@Gargron Google en Bing bots respect robots.txt. The NSA and Palantir are a different breed..

@Gargron Hashtags not working accross instances is not intentional but "not yet implemented" though, isn't it?

@Gargron I get what you mean, and I do not disagree. But whatever you choose to do, if it's "possible" we are only one-person-coding-a-script away from "convenient".

@animeirl @gargron You mean other than the fact that most web crawlers actively ignore it nowadays?

@Gargron giving users the option to have a robots.txt apply to their page should be possible i'd think

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