I have a blog using . I am looking for a like embedding of my public posts here in .

Each user also have a page that is publicly visible mastodon.social/users/prashere


@prashere You can't iframe the profiles. Only the kinda link I sent you, i.e. status URL + /embed

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@Gargron Oh! My bad, I didn't see that. So individual posts can only be embedded and not public timeline of a particular user?

@prashere Yeah! For now at least, no one requested that until you

@prashere, I had a similar idea as well (also using ), but to use (or now ) for comments instead.

I think the best way forward would be to get/make a Pelican plugin to toot your new blog post on (using `curl`) and then embed/iframe the link to that toot/post as @Gargron already mentioned. If I understand correctly, that way you should be able to get a comment thread embedded into your static blog :)

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