Mastodon doesn't have any ad code and will never have ad or 3rd party tracking code in the source code.

Also, some website pretending to be a "mastodon ad network" is an excellent example for why the silly ™ mark after the Mastodon name is not such a silly thing

@Balor @Gargron Actually, he's kind of obliged to. Defence of marks, dilution.

@Gargron @dredmorbius that what I was thinking.

And also if it starts so early already, it's not a good sign for the future 🔮


easy to use blogging platform to launch your new blog with? You're in the right place with us...
Put it some dollars and you're down gals 😍

@Gargron A-holes trying to exploit mastodon. You must be doing something right!

@Gargron trademarking isn't silly i'm just saying it's a valid trademark without making the tm so prominent

@gargron you don't actually need the TM to make it a trademark tho, is the point.

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