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Eugen @Gargron

The people at Discourse have kindly provided a hosted forum for the Mastodon project.

I don't know how often it would be used. Bugs and feature requests belong on GitHub. This is just for those long-winded discussions, troubleshooting, etc. Kind of like the mastodon admin mailing list, I guess.

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@Gargron much better that the mailing list, If you want my advice xD
No need to repeat answers everytime :)

@Gargron is it a good place to discuss about OStatus implementations ?

@Gargron Maybe a good idea to move the admin mailing list also to here?

BTW: When I click 'Getting started' on nothing happens (only a # added to the URL). On Firefox and Chromium.

@Gargron yeah I think you need to really think about where decision-maker attention is going to be for Mastodon. If you've already got Discord, why not publicize that for discussion?