"Therese May to create new internet that would be controlled and regulated by government"

vote 👏
the tories 👏

@Gargron this would be the same internet with the special encryption backdoor that magically only opens for the government, right?

@Gargron that was to be expected. It is the nature of every government to expand its control.
Now you hear the right. But the left will do the same - they will just a different story to package the lie.

@Gargron This is actually a quite nice initiative:

I can't vote here, not having any intention of becoming a British national, but I hope many will vote out the Tories. At least if they won't have a large majority in parliament there will be a limit on the damages they will do.

On the vote rights, it would be nice if they allowed permanent resident that paid taxes for at least 5 years to vote.

@paolo @Gargron yeah - by moving to the UK I've effectively deprived myself of a right to vote.

I mean, I *could* postal vote in Germany if I jumped through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops, but I haven't lived there in 11 years and haven't followed political news there in detail for at least half that time, so I don't think I could make a reasonably informed decision.

@Gargron @paolo I'd probably try to become a UK citizen now if I had the £2kish to spare, simply because while the UK is still an EU member I could get dual citizenship. Though what would happen to that post exit is another question...

I'm not bothering with UK citizenship as I'm an European citizen and that should be enough.

I still vote in Italy as from here I may have more information about what it's actually going on than by being subjected by local sold-out media.

We'll see what happens after the elections. I've got plan to open another office in France anyway.


@paolo @Gargron I was eyeballing UK citizenship for a while so that I'd be able to give the Tories the middle finger in 2020, and we've kind of put down roots so things would have to get Pretty Bad for us to decide to leave the country (though at the current trajectory... urgh)

@paolo for now I've got myself a permanent residence certificate just for personal piece of mind, but even without the worry they're going to fuck us over I massively resent that they've just been steadily increasing the cost of naturalisation by like 50% every year since at least 2014 (£750 to ~£1000 to >£1500 to >£2000)

@theoutrider I haven't bothered with that.
I'll wait and see.
If, as non Brit, I'm not welcome in UK I guess also those with a residence certificate will have issues as well so why pay for it.

@theoutrider True, it's difficult.
I left Italy to give my kids a chance of learning more languages, we now speak 3 as my trouble and strife is French, and the kids meet other kids coming from all over the world which is nice.

But if this country keeps going down the drain I'll make the effort and move again.


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