Tfw you're centralized and when you go down it affects all users

@Gargron youuuuuuuu smug bastard you

(all jokes, thank you very much for making the good site whom not crash)



I still remember with fondness when Microsoft had all of their DNS on the same segment for one of their products. Hilarity resulted when that datacentre crapped out. This was years ago and not their main site.

@gargron Was for a bit, but meh - seems to be back now.

@Gargron i can connect on the website but not in twidere for the moment

@Gargron @ycawidro after deleting the account and re authorizing the app, it worked

@gargron Twitter users: Now I can't post my memes!
Mastodon users: I'll post my memes on House Targaryen.
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