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@Gargron Can you add this issue to the 1.4 roadmap?

I can make a PR tonight, but before tell me if you're okay with this solution.

@Gargron You can't even choose UID/GID, or am I wrong? And how about chown? I'm not really in favour of that solution

Eugen @Gargron

@wonderfall for new installations it shouldn't matter. i haven't heard of setting uid/gid manually before

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@Gargron Yes like you said, for new installations, but I don't know your point. 🤔

And setting UID/GID manually is something you want to do in a Docker container. I have around 40 containers running, I can't imagine a single one where I can't set my own UID/GID

@Gargron Anyway, let's continue this discussion on Github, I didn't see it was still a PR.