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Single point of failure πŸŽƒ @Gargron

Anyone having trouble watching Twitch from Ubuntu 16.04/Firefox? I have flashplugin-installer but the twitch video is perpetually loading

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@noiob I used it before, I hoped I could avoid installing it this time

@noiob @gargron
livestreamer has stopped development, but there exists a fork called streamlink

@Gargron God why Twitch still uses this obsolete proprietary technology in 2017.

@wonderfall @Gargron i use twitch with html5 not flash. (that i uninstalled last year)

@jidea @Gargron Yes I use HTML5 player too, but I don't know why Twitch didn't threw it away yet

@wonderfall For people with outdated browser ? I'm glad they offer an HTML5 version tho, it took them a lot of time to drop Flash in the first place. @jidea @Gargron

@Gargron Privacy Badger's heuristic (sometimes?) blocks their streaming domains, I always needed to enable them manually

@Gargron Check the little gear in the bottom corner. For me it was set to html5 video.

@Gargron There's a Twitch client for Linux, which doesn't need Flash (I'd vote for a Flash-free Internet πŸ™‚ ). I'm currently not using it but it worked well last time I used it. The Github repo for it is alive and recent #gnometwitch

I have no trouble on Ubuntu 16.04/Firefox HTML5 Player.
When I installed flashplugin-installer and turned off HTML5 Player, it became sound only.

@Gargron No need for Flash anymore, Twitch's player now uses HTML5

@gargron The best way to watch twitch (especially on linux) is with streamlink, a command line program to pipe a stream into a local player like vlc or mpc.
No flash, no problem.

Even better when you have Twitch Prime, because than it is no problem that you do not see ads.

@Gargron I never use Twitch, but it works fine for me with flash on Ubuntu 16.04 + Firefox 53.0.

@Gargron I haven't tried in a while but it used to give me trouble pretty often.

@Gargron Their HTML5 player never worked for me on FF. Suspect it didn't like me disabling auto play