WELL that was a short lived caching experiment. I'm filing a bug with Rabl, caching is disabled again.

I think I actually figured it out (really confusing documentation for Rabl caching). I've enabled it again - hopefully no more faux-duplicate statuses and changed identities

@Gargron Can we have this as a weekly event, so I don't have to be myself all the time?

@Gargron We had some fun while you were doing it. Mixed identities! 😂

@Gargron I'd love to see a series of posts on what, how, why and (eventually) why not :)

@Gargron First time experiencing life from a ginger-perspective. Thanks for the opportunity!

@Gargron I was starting to like the new Victor @Daan.. damnit.. :(

@Gargron Can't you re-enable it like once a week? Normally it takes waaay more effort to use someone elses account.

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