I am not abandoning Patreon by any means but if you previously had qualms with Patreon as a proprietary platform, Mastodon now has a team on Liberapay:

I also have a personal account that some people already pledged to before I signed up, I don't know how to deal with that, but here you go (it's linked from the team)

@Gargron Thanks! I'll be seriously considering migrating my contribution.

The licensing that Patreon requires does not sit well with me, but I'm not a creator or a user so I'm open to alternative interpretations.

@BryanLunduke Would be interested in what you think of Liberapay as a Patreon alternative (Downsides seem to be that it is EUR-biased at the moment).

"6. Intellectual property

When the user transmits to the service a copyrighted content, it authorizes [Liberapay] to store, copy, translate, and publish it. By doing so the user declares that they hold the rights necessary to grant this licence."

Much less all-encompassing than the like for Patreon.

@Gargron just pledged on there as well, surprisingly, and satisfyingly, easy and straightforward. Good on both of you for supporting the platform!

@Gargron So much for me calling it a soft-launch. Do you even read your PMs? :P

As @Gargron said, we are not abandoning Patreon by any stretch, we are merely offering a complement for those who have an aversion to Patreon.

But, for all other contributors I've also made a Mastodon community on @Liberapay
Which means that supporters can easily find contributors etc that they want to support.

@Gargron I've been hearing rumors of #patreon interest in a potential #platformcoop exit, which would be really cool... 🙆

@Gargron have Glad to see you ditching Patreon.

There is still time to stop Patreon gaining monopoly position in it's niche.

Lots of great alternatives like liberapay, gratipay among others...

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