1) Please vote tomorrow. Not voting does not get perceived as protest, but as apathy
2) Don't let Theresa May stay in power, please

@Gargron especially with her plan to "regulate" the Internet.

@Gargron 3) vote tactically to keep the tories out

if you're in scotland your best bet is probably the SNP because scottish labour are still a barrel of wank

@colon_three @Gargron or to mention Scotland needs to peace out to rejoin the EU

@Gargron I'm a grad student researching forecasts (among other things)

Can I ask you to tell me (before the votes are cast) how you think it will turn out?

@bgcarlisle I don't have any authority to answer something like that

@Gargron Even if my sample is made of people who are straight-up guessing, it's an interesting result to just document the level of uncertainty before the fact, as often with hindsight, things that were very uncertain beforehand are thought of later as being inevitable

(But if you just don't wanna, don't feel pressured, just warmly invited!)

@Gargron Damn right, Eugen.

For all of our sakes... Im really worried for our futures if she does get in. As a developer Im gravely concerned about where it leaves me.

She has the behavior of a dictator in the making.

@Gargron I've only ever heard of one election in which not voting was justifiable: it was the first referendum during the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, and a lot of people didn't vote because they feared electoral registers were being used to target political dissidents.

In democratic elections, not voting can only ever be interpreted as apathy, even when it might not be. For a protest vote, vote blank: it is the only vote that says "I am not represented by any option"

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