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1) Please vote tomorrow. Not voting does not get perceived as protest, but as apathy
2) Don't let Theresa May stay in power, please

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@Gargron especially with her plan to "regulate" the Internet.

@Gargron 3) vote tactically to keep the tories out

if you're in scotland your best bet is probably the SNP because scottish labour are still a barrel of wank

@colon_three @Gargron or to mention Scotland needs to peace out to rejoin the EU

@Gargron I'm a grad student researching forecasts (among other things)

Can I ask you to tell me (before the votes are cast) how you think it will turn out?

@bgcarlisle I don't have any authority to answer something like that

@Gargron Even if my sample is made of people who are straight-up guessing, it's an interesting result to just document the level of uncertainty before the fact, as often with hindsight, things that were very uncertain beforehand are thought of later as being inevitable

(But if you just don't wanna, don't feel pressured, just warmly invited!)

@Gargron Damn right, Eugen.

For all of our sakes... Im really worried for our futures if she does get in. As a developer Im gravely concerned about where it leaves me.

She has the behavior of a dictator in the making.

@Gargron I've only ever heard of one election in which not voting was justifiable: it was the first referendum during the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, and a lot of people didn't vote because they feared electoral registers were being used to target political dissidents.

In democratic elections, not voting can only ever be interpreted as apathy, even when it might not be. For a protest vote, vote blank: it is the only vote that says "I am not represented by any option"

@Gargron @wonderfall peoples are rarely stupid, mostly uninformed. Grrrh >:c

@wonderfall @Technowix Aren't half of all people below 100 IQ? (IQ is a biased metric but probably fit for the point I'm making)

@wonderfall @Gargron well, by the definition of IQ yes, like you said, but even with a "not that high" IQ you can think and take good decisions with enough data :o

@Technowix @Gargron Sure, but even a person with high-IQ and enough data can make bad decisions. It's just free will. The most powerful nazis did an IQ test while they're in captivity before their judgement, they all had high IQs.

@Gargron @wonderfall Yeah, many things are to take into account too, thoses high graded nazis "can" have been persuaded that killing/chasing a whole part of the population would solve many problems :v
Like Plato's Cave, if you don't know there is another possibility, there isn't another possibility...

@Technowix @Gargron They could be influenced, or in this case, they could also influence others as well. They didn't want to do a "bad" thing intentionally, ofc, but they've done mistakes and (objective) crimes.

Also (off subject) the most interesting thing with IQs is maybe not the test itself but the correlations.

@Gargron @wonderfall well, if you tell someone "kill 1 or lose 5" :v the crime isn't that "objective".


@Technowix @Gargron Of course, but not all the nazis thought like that. The purge of socialists/communists in the 30s for example. I meant objective for this case.

I won't judge the Wehrmacht, ever. What you're saying mostly applies to the regular soldiers who didn't get to decide and were engaged to defend their nation (not the ideology, but their families).

@Gargron @Technowix The average is below 100 except for a few countries.

I believe the Wechsler test is viable. What do you mean by "biased" by the way?

@Gargron @wonderfall cuz IQ by the definition is made by the peoples, if only genius pass the tests there will be genius under 100 o.o

@Gargron @wonderfall @lanodan_tmp IQ is not a score nope :v (cf gf in psycho study)

@lanodan_tmp @wonderfall @Gargron if all the population where having a intelligence boost, all the population will not be at > 120 IQ, the median will be recalculated 🤔

@Gargron @wonderfall some of the latest polls have the Tories with a 1% lead, but due to our moronic "first past the post" system, they will get around 323 Sears Vs 249 for Labour.

FPTP needs to die, it isn't democratic.