Last boost: contains a screenshot from the conf. First time seeing how it looked from over there. Gosh I hope I didn't look terrible >_<

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@Gargron that must be such a fucking trippy thing to see

@Ashoka Is that how they spelled it? I would have expected Ro-chi-ko to work just fine...

@Gargron γ‚ͺむゲン・ロッコ
Oigen Rok-ko - Eugen Rocco

@Gargron a japanese writing in klingon must be under konstant stress

@Gargron I wrote the article. You looked just nice. If you prefer to have your name pronounced right, we gladly change it to ロチコ (ro-chi-ko).

@mazzo It's not a big deal! Use whatever is more appropriate for the language. Thank you for article (though I can't read it myself)

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