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I mean, it's time to try to get your friends off of Twitter and onto Mastodon, again

I mean, it's *always* time for that, but if you needed an excuse...

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man, you gotta add 'quote' feature
it's so hard to judge people without it 😢

@Gargron seems like getting them off of Facebook is even more important (and hard)

@Gargron (Unless your friends are White Nationalists)

@Gargron It's kinda hard to do that when the landing page still dumps people onto a list of random instances and expects them to do the legwork of searching...

I agree with this. Average user wants to subscribe without too much complications. The more they've to stop and understand what to do the less opportunity we have they will subscribe to #Mastodon.

Remember this old mantra: "keep it simple stupid"


@Gargron An imperfect option but good talking point: if they use android, mention they can use twidere and post simultaneously to both. A potentially good argument for people resisting trying Mastodon out of fear of a new time commitment

.@Gargron i don't think using mastodon or twitter has to be one or the other. i think trying to argue against twitter use because of heinous behavior (users or administration) is missing the point. mastodon is superior in said capacities, but it is absolutely a *different* project, with a different network(s), & different reasons to use it. they're not providing the same service, so it's not a case of choosing one over the other… the fight to convert users is missing the point.

i was pretty disgusted with some of the recent rhetoric on twitter, & the administrations selective censorship to some related posts underscores twitter's unfair & elitest leanings. it's not a healthy environment, it's full of abusive behavior (both from users & by the company itself), & the situation there is becoming progressively worse as the attitudes & rules are perpetuated while also being modified to allow for more exploitation of the user. it's not a pretty sight; it's not a pretty site.

@Gargron The profile pics in Mastodon are circles. Are you trolling us?