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Twitter won't suspend people who call for the nuclear annihilation of an entire country, but will suspend you if you say "fuck" to a celebrity

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@Gargron Of course not! Countries aren't verified users!

@Gargron @sanspoint
but they said they do it cause of public interest. for history preservation and such.

I asume Jack said also something like this:

Jack: Trump is the best user we have. We need to protect our buisiness model, and based on this we need to protect ppl. You asked something about morality? Yeah shure I have that. I have a very high standard of oportunism.

@Gargron You know, how Twitter thinks they are masking their political views?

@Gargron it might be worth dropping her a line on the birbsite... who knows!

@Gargron she was last time I checked... But hopefully she'll get her account back one day

@Gargron “Twitter provided no specific instances of her rule violation, but stated that she can delete the tweets that violate its rules to gain access to her account more quickly.”
Translation: you have violated our rules. We will not tell you which ones, but you did. Oh and, please delete the tweets that violates the rules you have violated and we don't have told you. ❤

@Gargron Twitter doesn't feel like having the DoJ and FBI investigate them. That's the ugly subtext.


Here in the halls of the octodon, the opposite seems true.

The confusing bit is: celebrities don't pay for twitter, and twitter hemorrhages money. Banning people from your garbage platform because a non-paying customer is offended seems counter-intuitive. Celebrities are the only fucking draw they have, so the plan is to minimize their audience??

Maybe someone over there should have asked a six-year-old for advice instead.