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Bitcoins are up to 1 BTC = $5800, wtf

Festive Eugen @Gargron

Maybe I shouldn't have cashed out those donations I got in BTC in April.... :thinkhappy:

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@Gargron Just a matter of time until it tumbles down. We couldn't have known - and it would've been risky. Probably.

@Pasty Yeah, investing 101. Still though, wew

@Gargron I spent all my microbitcoins on videogames early this year because I didn't believe it'd stay over 3k long. It's kind of crazy.

@Pasty @Gargron now I'm mostly thinking we're in for a pretty spectacular crash, but maybe I'm wrong.

On the other hand, Mastodon being paid for by a market speculation would be an amazing irony given the politics. (I'm a terrible person, sorry.)

@pony @Gargron I've been waiting for that spectacular crash for like a year by now, though.
The gox crash was fun to experience, though.

@gargron I got 0.006614 something at a bitcoin exchange and you can only sell or buy bitcoin at the equivalent of 30 €. So this is great news for me. :D