@Gargron is there any way to look up the hotkeys yet? The user guide doesn't seem to have them and I can't find them anywhere else. Twitter has a popover that is pretty handy but I guess something that just opens in the rightmost column would be more Mastodon-style awoo.space/media/WGVIsm_arIKaQ awoo.space/media/QSdqkRlGtBsEs

@noiob @Gargron here is what I've discovered so far:
j/k: next/prev toot in column
1-9: to switch column
n: to start a new toot
f: to favourite selected toot
r: to reply to selected toot

@Gargron Is justified text has-been or something? #mastodon toots are not justified, and it appears #medium uses left-aligned text as well. I'm seeing that more and more.
My eyes are hurting.

(At some point I'm gonna need a web extention to fix all that I guess)

@tom @gargron thank you for the Mastos, the Dons we're tooting. 🎼🎵🎶

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